Marcia Malory has studied biology and evolution for many years.

She is particularly interested in the evolution of consciousness and the evolution of language.

As a student of philosophy, political science and sociology, Marcia is concerned with the development of religion, ethics and law from an evolutionary perspective.

Marcia is interested in the differences between human beings and other animals, and how knowledge of these differences can be used when making ethical decisions regarding the treatment of non-human animals.

Marcia's experience as the owner of a cat with diabetes has led her to examine the differences between the feline and human digestive systems, and to lean how different animals have evolved different means of obtaining nourishment.

Her experience as a cat owner and as a dog owner has spiked her interest in non-human intelligence.

Marcia has written articles on a wide variety of scientific topics.

She is married to Jonathan Malory and has lived in New York City and York, England.